Become a Friend of Reach Scholars 
Reach Scholars Foundation awards college scholarships to first-generation to college students. 100% of our students come from economically difficult circumstances. You can use the links on the left side of this page to learn more about the scholarship program and also access a fact sheet here.

Our scholarships are comprised of two components – scholarship award dollars and access to ongoing mentorship. “Mentorship” encompasses a lot of topics: proactive study strategies and time management, course selection, field of study evaluation and selection, summer internship evaluation and selection, resume reviews, study abroad program selection, job search strategies, and interview skills. A very frequent topic of discussion is “How do I talk with people who are working in my potential career field? How can I talk with people who studied my major?” For our students, they can’t just ask mom or dad. They are looking to trusted advisors. 

Reach Scholars is looking to expand our mentorship program and we want to create a wider body of “trusted advisors” for our scholarship recipients. We are seeking people to become a Friend of Reach Scholars. What does it mean to be a Friend of Reach Scholars?
  • Your educational background, life experiences, and/or career field match the interests of the Reach Scholars Foundation and those of our scholarship recipients. 
  • You share our philosophy: You believe in the value of education, where it can lead and the difference it can make. You believe in fostering self-reliance and think it important to consider post-education employment when selecting a field of study.  Remember, 100% of our students come from economically difficult circumstances. 
  • You are willing to make time available to talk with scholarship recipients. Your location is not important; just your willingness to talk openly and directly with Reach Scholars. So while this might be face-to-face, is more likely to be over the telephone or Skype. 
  • From time to time, we have a number of students with a similar interest (e.g. medicine or chemistry). Assuming logistics are favorable, we may ask you to participate in a group discussion. 
  • Every summer and frequently over winter break, Reach Scholars holds a social gathering for scholarship recipients. These gatherings include a designated topic for discussion. Based on fit and logistics, we may invite you to participate. 
So ask yourself this question – have you ever thought about giving back but didn’t think you had the time or knew the right organization? Well, this is an easy way to have a positive impact in the life of a young person. While it may be just a few hours a year for you, they are invaluable answers for a student.

Friends of Reach Scholars
In the spirit of full disclosure and direct communication, here are the full details. This will tell you how it works and what to expect.
  1. All initial requests for discussions with students will have been vetted by Arn and Deborah. You’ll receive this contact through email. Discussions will have a focused agenda. 
  2. Initial communications will be sent to you by either Arn or Deborah. Following your agreement to talk with a student, the student will contact you directly to make the exact arrangements. 
  3. Prior to talking to you, students will have prepared a list of questions. We will have reviewed this list. Our goal is to build informational interview skills.
  4. If your schedule is “crazy”, “nuts” or you just can’t say, “yes” to another request, you are totally allowed a “pass” at any time. You may decide to “unfriend” us at any time. 
  5. There is no requirement for how quickly you must schedule a discussion with a student. The scheduling needs to accommodate both your schedule and the student’s. 
  6. Feedback is an essential component to program, so we ask that you share yours with us. 
  7. Direct and honest feedback is our mantra. So really, dish it up straight to our students and with us. If you are talking with one of our students, it means we are also talking with that same student. Our communication style is open, honest and direct. 
  8. There are no artificial limits. If you connect with a student, feel free to continue an ongoing relationship. If you really connect with a student, feel free to connect the student to other people and other resources. If you really, really connect with a student, feel free to discuss volunteer opportunities, internships or employment options in your organization. Our goal is to teach students how networking happens. While there is no pressure or expectation for you to do this (our request is really just for your time), we also want you to know there are no restraints. 
  9. Should we contact you about a group discussion or a Reach Scholars Social Gathering, all communications with come through either Arn or Deborah. 
  10. If you have ideas for how we can improvement the mentorship portion of the scholarship, we’d love to have your ideas.