Based on feedback from applicants, our application process has been streamlined.  All applicants can now use an online application process - it is easier, faster, and less error-prone for you to complete the application online; it is easier and faster for us to process your application; and, it is better for the environment.  

Additional supporting material - that still must be sent in via the postal service - is now limited to letters of recommendation.  If you are selected as a finalist, you will be required to bring additional supporting material with you to the in-person interview.  This additional supporting material includes an official transcript; copies of your acceptance letters; and a copy of your parents' tax form (for income verification purposes only).

Before starting the online application process, we strongly suggest you download a copy of the Application Guide as this will allow you to preview all of the questions as well as understand everything that will be asked of you.  Once you begin the online application, you can save your work as you start to complete the application and return to the application as often as you like before finally submitting your application. 

After completing the application online, you must send your letters of recommendation to us via the postal service.  Additional instructions are contained in both the online application and the offline form.

Important News: 2011 Application Deadline has passed.  We will not be accepting any more applications for 2011 Scholarships.

We will not be accepting new scholarship applications in 2012.